The Italian top flight football league is as unpredictable as never before this season. Looking at the table standings at the moment, one can only wonder that certain teams which have long been known to be at the top are struggling to keep up with the pace. After twenty six games, Juventus seems to have run away with the trophy considering the fact that they are at 66 points as compared to their closest rivals, Roma who are at 58 and Napoli at 51. This is an unusual trend and has left fans wondering about the teams that have traditionally occupied the top spots and whether they have any chance of toppling Juventus from the top of the Italian Serie A.

This is a league that can be said to be already over considering that a big team like Juventus rarely cedes ground when they are in such a lead. It is a big club with some of the best players and has managed to shake off the problems that they had which saw them play in the second division for some time. However, it also is difficult to write off teams such as Inter Milan which is currently at fifth Behind Fiorentina, who are also playing amazingly well this season.

One thing that should surprise many who are close followers of the Italian Serie A is that AC Milan, a team that was touted as the favorites before the start of this season is at position 9 with just 35 points. What makes it even hard for them is that they recently lost in the UEFA champion’s league and so, nobody thinks that they have any chance at any cup this season. What remains is to watch how the top four teams perform in the remaining matches because they are the defining moments of this season in the Italian Serie A.

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